Privacy and Data Protection

Dr. Rolf Jansen is committed to the general principles of privacy and data protection. When visiting the present web site, neither personal data nor data attributable to persons is collected or processed - no IP/DNS addresses, no Cookies, no Web Storage, no CDN connections, absolutely nothing.

In detail:

  • The web server, which provides the present web site, is located in Germany in Frankfurt a.M.
  • When visiting the web site the web server logs automatically together with a time stamp, the URI of the requested page, the HTTP Method, Protocol and Status Code and a possible Error Message. Neither the IP/DNS address nor the browser identifier (User Agent) or Referrer Domain of the web site visitor are recorded in the web server access log or the web server error log - see the settings of the Apache log format:
    CustomLog "/var/log/" "%{%F %T}t %u \"%r\" %>s %b"
    SetEnvIf Request_Method   "(^.*$)" METH=$1
    SetEnvIf Request_URI      "(^.*$)" RURI=$1
    SetEnvIf Request_Protocol "(^.*$)" PROT=$1
    ErrorLogFormat "%{c}t %-m:%l %T %7F: %E: \"%{METH}e %{RURI}e %{PROT}e\" %M"
    Thereby, the web server logs contain neither personal data nor data attributable to persons. The logs serve exclusively for statistical usage evaluation, and if necessary, for error analysis and debugging. The logs are kept for max. 4 weeks, and otherwise are neither processed any further nor made available to third parties - see the settings for log rotation in newsyslog.conf(5):
    /var/log/httpd-error.log       640    3    *    $W7D1 J    /var/run/    SIGUSR1
    /var/log/ 640    3    *    $W6D3 J    /var/run/    SIGUSR1
    i.e.: log history for 3 weeks + running week, rotation on Sonday morning at 1 or Saturday morning at 3 o'clock.
  • The BLog system consists of a combination of the ContentTools frontend with the ContentCGI backend, and the web service system is set up in a way, that it does neither store Cookies in the web browser of the visitor nor other data in the client's local Web Storage. In addition, no external content is reloaded from any kind of CDN - not even from any Ad. or Tracking Networks.
  • It is possible to contact the BLog's responsible by e-mail. Senders are welcome to use the Obsigna! S/MIME Public Key for encypting their message to the BLog address. However, in regards to the data protection regulations of the European Union (GDPR/EU) and of Brazil (LGBD/BR), senders of the EU and of BR are asked to explain in the very message in simple and comprehensible words, how they expect the handling of their personal e-mail data, which would be sent unsolicitedly to the BLog address. Without a clear declaration of intent on data protection, or in the case of overly complex rules, the concern of the message in question will be noted with benevolence, but otherwise under no circumstances will there be any collection or processing of personal data or data attributable to persons. That means, if necessary only a simple acknowledgment of receipt will be returned, but finally all data related to the whole e-mail traffic in question will in any case be deleted immediately and completely.

Responsibility for Privacy and Data Protection

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