My GitHub account will soon require 2FA

I don't buy that, and my repositories on GitHub will stay abandoned in the present status. I will continue maintain my software, and will set up new repositories on my own server, as needed:

# Repository on GitHub New repository
1 ContentCGI
2 clone
3 void-zones-tools
4 ipdb
5 cagconv
6 shutdd
7 icopacker
8 xcssecovid
9 lccguard
10 zettair
11 searx
12 cocotron
13 ASL

For as long as there is no new repository indicated, please continue using the one on GitHub.

In case you got questions, or have issues with the software listed above, please don't hesitate to send me a note to the BLog's mail address. Beginning on October 12th, 2023 at 00:00 (UTC), I will no more be able to access my GitHub account, because I won't enroll in 2FA.

Copyright © Dr. Rolf Jansen - 2023-08-28 23:33:44