Building iText-RUPS on macOS

In the previous article Java auf macOS (German), I described how to install a current Java System, which is provided by the OpenJDK community, on a recent macOS. Here I show how to use it for building and launching the current iText-RUPS tool.

RUPS is a tool for PDF inspection, i.e. it Reads and Updates PDF Syntax. It is open source, written in Java, and it utilizes the iText PDF library. In order to get iText-RUPS to work on macOS, it must be built from the sources. Here comes the outline of the steps involved, without major explanations.


  • working macOS
  • working Java installation
  • working Xcode installation
  • working MacPorts installation

Installation of iText-RUPS

Enter the Terminal:

  1. Install and activate the port of maven32:
    $ sudo port install maven32
    $ sudo port install maven_select
    $ sudo port select maven maven32
  2. Checkout the iText-RUPS master sources from GitHub:
    $ mkdir -p ~/Install; cd ~/Install
    $ svn checkout iText-RUPS
  3. Run Maven in order to build the iText-RUPS .jar package:
    $ cd iText-RUPS
    $ mvn package
  4. Copy the Java executable .jar-bundle to the Desktop (or to somewhere else, where you want to find it) - the version number might be different, and perhaps needs to be adjusted:
    $ cp ~/Install/iText-RUPS/target/itext-rups-7.1.7-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
  5. In order to launch it, either double click on the .jar-file or issue the following command:
    $ java -jar ~/Desktop/iText-RUPS.jar

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