Proofpoint blocks my mails, now my firewall blocks Proofpoint

The Proofpoint’s IP blocklist include the IP’s of my outgoing mail servers, namely and Months ago, I asked them for unblocking on said website. I did not receive any response, and unblocking hasn’t happened either. Reputation? „!„

I cannot answer to any e-mails coming from sites protected by Proofpoint, and I figure it is better for everybody, when I do not receive anything from behind that wall. Now, I decided to block anything from Proofpoint using the blind spot method below.

In my ipfw(8) configuration script on the incoming e-mail server running Postfix on FreeBSD, I inserted the following directives and rules:

# Deny anything from Proofpoint
/sbin/ipfw -q table 2 create
/usr/local/bin/ipup -t 4dbe92647d2bccea5a6351e6d5d559c6:b4dac264ed4d4970855a9dc6decdd199:c1a2991245b6407bb46dfa1f7f5961f2:5cf124c0c1fe44bd91ccf1911a1eb3cc:2eb2fd7d49ed0f330bab68aab693a360:7a3990b6af50487bbb2ababe0f871424 -n 2 -4 | /sbin/ipfw -q /dev/stdin
/sbin/ipfw -q add 92 deny ip from table\(2\) to any in recv $WAN setup

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