Thoughts on Swmnbn Analytics and Targeting

Swmnbn Analytics is a tool that serves for Targeted Advertising. A tool is a tool is a fool - whether a tool is good or bad depends solely on whether it serves the purpose or not. For me, the real question is whether the purpose, namely Targeting, is good or evil.

Targeting, let’s see:

  • Targeted Advertising - granted, wait a moment, really?
  • Targeted Campaign - let's go for a "better" president than Donald Trump,
  • Targeted Riots - riots are for *iots,
  • Targeted Progroms - ***** go home,
  • Targeted Wars - ***** go to hell.

Who draws the red line, Swmnbn? FaceBook?

At any rate, the citizens are turned to manipulated beings like Truman in His Show. Everybody loughs out loud about the stupidity of everybody else, while Swmnbn is continuously laughing silently at the whole world. This is not democracy, this is pure decadence.

Targeting defeats the Age of Reason, it substitutes reason by choice, and it turns citizens into tools, i.e. fools. However, Swmnbn Analytics is no more a battle to fight, this has been lost already.

Reasonable citizens are aware of Targeting and act accordingly.

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