WordPress Editor without 'Alt+Shift' Hotkeys

On Mac OS X, the 'Alt+Shift' hotkeys of the WordPress visual editor clash with the key combinations for generating lots of diacritical and other special characters. Therefore, editing of non-english text in the visual editor on Mac OS X is a major pita. People keep on complaining about this issue, but it seems that the WordPress developers are either not able or not willing to do something about this.

Help yourself!

Open the terminal and change into the following directory of your WordPress installation:

cd /path/to/wordpress/wp-includes/js/tinymce

Then, in order to disable all 'Alt+Shift' hotkey combinations of the visual editor, submit the following command:

gzip -cd wp-tinymce.js.gz | sed -e 's/\"[Aa]lt+[Ss]hift/\"nohotkey/g' | gzip -9 > wp-tinymce.js.tmp && mv wp-tinymce.js.tmp wp-tinymce.js.gz

Empty the cache of your browser, restart it, and open your WordPress-BLog. You will find the 'Alt+Shift' hotkeys being released from hostage, and are now available for their respective natural purpose on Mac OS X.

Copyright © Dr. Rolf Jansen - 2014-08-10 16:54:36

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