The easy way of Project Design by
drawing the Objective-Activity Chart

  Download InstantProject for
Mac OS X (.zip, 2.46 MB)

Instantly design your projects


Requirements and Limitations

InstantProject works on Apple Macintosh Computers running Mac OS X greater than 10.6.8.

As of the present version 0.6, InstantProject is already quite useful for Project Design, but it still lacks many features that are necessary for Project Management.

Although version 0.6 is not feature complete, it is not beta software. All implemented features are suposed to work, i.e. there are no known bugs.

Version 0.6 is also lacking a manual, and in its present stage, InstantProject does not claim to be a professional software package, and therefore it comes for free.

Of course, this won't prevent professionals to already make use of it.


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