The ultimate free Clock for your Mac

  Download Clock for
Mac OS X (.zip, 1.63 MB)

Simply a Ticking Clock

It shows the current time and moves its hands in a seconds cycle.

It updates its dock icon with the current time.

It ticks very gently when the clock window is visible. In order to silence the Clock, either hide the clock window using the Clock menu or move both sound level sliders in the Clock Preferences Panel to 0 %.

Use the Preferences panel for:

  1. making the Clock floating above everything
  2. activating the Clock in the Dock
  3. switching on/off the seconds hand
  4. changing the color of the seconds hand
  5. changing the tick volume (0 % = no ticking)

The Clock can be freely resized from very small to very large. Use the mouse by dragging its edges, or use touch gestures on the trackpad, e.g. pinching with two fingers for zooming-in/out, or two-fingers double-tapping for smart-zooming.

Position and size of the Clock are retained upon application restart. The Clock menu got a command for resetting position and size of the Clock to the factory defaults.

The Clock comes with English, German, and Portuguese localizations.


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